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Audio Watch is a premier audiovisual consulting services provider in Portland, OR. We team up with corporate managers, events directors, municipality custodians, facility managers, and homeowners to design and execute comprehensive audiovisual systems for different industries across the city and its nearby areas. We provide extensive and integrated AV system designs, plus software and technological recommendations.
Our professional AV consultant Portland collaborates with business owners, facilities managers, CTOs, architects, homeowners, and government facility custodians to plan and create consolidated audiovisual systems. Our design approach is to provide end-to-end AV components, complete with software integration and full control systems.

We focus on performance, operational capacity, and functionality with our AV system design for straightforward, inherent use with minimal user intervention in specific acoustical and optical environments.

Audiovisual Systems Experts

The Audio Watch audiovisual consulting Portland team effectively recognizes independent component specifications and characteristics and how they should work harmoniously in a unified system through our experience and our advanced AV software and tools.

We create personalized AV systems, effectively combining audio, video, and lighting systems into control applications, IT structural technologies, digital signages, room reservation systems, and many more. Working closely with our clients, we seamlessly incorporate our AV systems with their current IT networks, acoustic environment, and communication systems.

Audio Watch’s solutions lower equipment and system complexity, focusing on functional and cost-efficient system fix that offers better ROI, user’s ease of access, and less inactivity. Our mission is to build an enjoyable experience without the need for complicated control and navigation procedures. Ultimately, we create audiovisual systems that are affordable and practical.

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Design & build your AV Systems with us

Audio Watch provides exceptional system planning, design, and execution. We offer innovative acoustic, optical, and lighting systems to various industries, including commercial and residential clients, across Portland.

Excellent Systems and Proven Design Compatibility

Our AV design Portland team creates system designs that can easily be integrated into architectural or engineering plans. Our goal is to incorporate sound reproduction, sightlines, resolution, and projection lines, plus the screen lines and lighting into the physical and existing sound environment.

We actively coordinate with our clients, providing extensive AV master planning and infrastructure design for measurable and sustainable audiovisual systems. We offer flexible and efficient solutions that can quickly adapt to the changing technologies without spending too much.

Audio Systems
Excellent audio systems have been one of the core services of our business for years. Portland clients choose our services because of our striking character in providing proven solutions that produce exceptional acoustic results. We are also experts in identifying the possible complications of sonic behavior and acoustic science in relation to specific spaces.

We are masters in solving problems regarding room and equipment placement tuning. Our engineers with our IT team have custom-designed high-efficiency audio solutions for simple to complex spaces, including sports complexes, worship places, and even home entertainment rooms. We use high-clarity wireless microphones, loudspeakers, and intelligent control panels for our audio systems.

Video Systems
The visual component in multimedia presentations is a crucial factor for effective communication today. It should efficiently catch the attention of your audience and keep them continuously engaged. With the current technological advancements, video systems became a standard feature for presentations and are no longer just an option.

Nowadays, various choices are available as innovations in projection equipment, and high image resolution continue to rise. We are professionals, composed of engineers, visual directors, and expert technicians, to comprehend our client’s visual needs and formulate systems that will answer the problem while preparing for the future. Our system design services accommodate requests from large-scale multi-panel presentation projects to simple architectural projection room upgrades. We use high-definition and 4K production consoles, LED displays, innovative projection systems, and interactive boards for our video systems.

Lighting Systems
Before a piece of music is heard, or a picture shows on the projector screen, the lighting of the room or space creates the initial impression. Adequate lighting, complete with perfect color usage and dimming, can inspire and trigger emotions and one’s imagination.

But, do you know what type of lighting fixtures to use, how many lights should you have, and where to place them? Audio Watch’s expertise backed with the newest lighting innovations allows us to design effective and fun lighting systems that can surely turn your dull area into a fascinating space. We also provide lighting design plots, lighting fixtures, and equipment installation, house lighting system installation, and mounting position layouts.

Digital Signages
Formulating, designing, and installing personalized digital signage systems may appear like a complex task. But, Audio Watch has years of experience and expertise in providing seamless service delivery. We take into consideration various factors, including the project size, existing electrical placements, power requirements, local safety codes, and many more to ensure that our Portland clients receive an affordable yet one-of-kind signage system.
AV Systems Technical Support
Are you planning to acquire a new audiovisual system for your home or business but unsure if it fits your budget? Audio Watch is still the best AV consulting service in Portland, OR, to call. Our engineers and tech can help provide solutions, repair, and replace worn-out or faulty AV components while developing more efficient settings for your equipment or existing setup. We guarantee that your current system will be fixed and might even sound and look better than before once we handle it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of audio systems do you provide? Can you give examples?

A. We provide diverse kinds of audio systems. From simple home acoustic setups to large-scale concert scenarios, we can design and install custom-made systems that are appropriate for what you need. We offer audio systems for sound reinforcement, broadcasting studios, conference room audio, sound recording, signal switching, distributed audio, up to simple acoustic setups.

Q. Does your video systems service include LED display installation? And can you provide us other options?

A. Yes. One of our primary video systems services is planning and installing LED displays for video conferencing and presentations. We will proceed if our AV systems service Portland consultant recommends such. But if not, we can provide our clients other options, such as IMAG (interactive whiteboard image magnification) system, LED video walls, digital signage, and projection displays.

Q. We are interested in your lighting systems service Portland. What packages can you offer us? And can you customize these packages?

A. We have a variety of lighting systems to offer you. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from standard packages, and then we can customize from then on. Otherwise, our expert lighting consultant will recommend the best lighting system fitted for your space.

We have LED residential lighting, stage and theatrical lighting systems, dimming and control systems, environmental projection systems, and many more.

Q. Aside from your video systems, can you help us design and install digital signages as a part of our advertising campaign?

A. Yes. Apart from our expertise in audiovisual consulting in Portland, we are also experts in outdoor advertising design. We also do wayfinding services, mass notification signages, and digital menu boards.

Q. We need help in the design and installation of acoustic flooring and ceiling. Do you provide those services, too?

A. Of course, we do. A part of our audio systems is creating acoustical designs for various spaces, particularly theaters, lecture halls, and auditoriums. We have experienced acoustic engineers who are well-versed in the science of sound.

Besides acoustic flooring and ceiling design and installation, we can also provide services involving volume distribution and switching, echo control, speech comprehensibility, and sonic direction control.

Q. Once you completed the design and installation of our audiovisual system, can you still provide after-sales support?

A. Our commitment to providing a complete service approach to our Portland clients is what makes us different from the rest. Our technical support team will guide and teach you the basics of controlling your system. Moreover, we have a hotline that you can call for tech support, especially for scenarios where you need to troubleshoot your AV systems Portland.

We have a customer support team dedicated to specific AV services, including sound reinforcement, post-mix production support, acoustics repair, signal routers, and switching support, and many more.

Q. How do you do quality assurance evaluation on the design and installation of your audiovisual system?

A. We do have an added service called audiovisual systems commissioning. This service is done to assess if the plan is followed and executed well during the implementation phase. The processes involved in this service are construction progress and installation monitoring, end-to-end AV systems testing, control systems navigation testing, trial run for actual operations, as-built documentation, and client acceptance report.

We do meticulous QA processes to ensure that the audiovisual system we turn over to our clients is functional and in their best condition.

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