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Audio Visual Consultation Service

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Audio Watch is a top-notch audiovisual consulting company in Portland, OR. We collaborate with architects, facility and events directors, business owners, building engineers, and municipality custodians to create a well-designed AV system plan for various industries.
With the integration of the audiovisual and IT systems, we offer professional AV consultancy services, including master planning, infrastructure planning, and other complex AV applications to our private, government, commercial, and residential clients. From corporate office spaces to healthcare facilities to homes, we fully design intelligent AV system solutions to fully utilize presentations, sound, and lighting performances.

Our Consulting Services

All audiovisual consulting Portland projects we handle are unique and custom-designed based on our client’s needs. We have prepared standard presentation systems preferred by businesses – from small to corporate-sized companies.

Our expertise in audiovisual consulting also extends to applications, including AV infrastructure design, master planning, AV commissioning, and AV project management.

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Infrastructure Design

Our expert audiovisual consultants provide long-term AV infrastructure design solutions to create long-term plans that can accommodate future audiovisual updates and expansions.
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AV Commissioning

We ensure that all components in our design are well implemented through our AV commissioning service. We offer comprehensive testing, report generation, tuning, and audiovisual adjustments. We validate the performance of your system before turning it over to you.
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AV Project management

We are expert AV consultants who provide end-to-end project management. We are the best team to work with, from planning and budgeting to installing and commissioning equipment and system control.
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AV Master Planning

Providing a clear, accurate audiovisual plan with innovative solutions is our primary AV master planning goal. We formulate roadmaps to support continuity and integration management of the existing AV technology and upgrades in the future.

Design & plan your project with us

Audio Watch provides high-caliber design planning, design, and installation. We give our 100% effort and dedication to meet our client’s goals and vision, from large-scale concert scenarios to simple cinema-like home theaters.

AV Consulting and Design

Consulting and designing audiovisual systems does not just mean today’s requirements. It should be about what is to be tomorrow and even the next coming years. Our professional AV consultant Portland collaborates with CTOs, architects, directors, IT groups, and families to devise AV technology master plans that extend beyond just aesthetics and functionality – making your audiovisual components a vital part of the design and your property.

Consultation, planning, and designing audiovisual systems the Audio Watch way means doing projects with forethought and flexibility. We work not only with the present needs of our clients. We also anticipate their future needs. Why? Your business grows as technology advances. Our master planning, infrastructure building, and commissioning process ensure that your system can adapt and be easily upgraded effectively and economically – if a new technology is needed for better audiovisual presentations.

Plan For The Future
The fast advancement of audiovisual technology systems necessitates our AV Master Planning team to keep up with the demands and mitigate future losses. Our audiovisual consultant Portland, engineers, and tech will work with you to help you choose the most suitable platform, identify your audiovisual equipment requirements, evaluate your existing technologies and future plans, and organize your budget. This team will also facilitate smooth installation and prepare future expansion or upgrades.

Our product is a custom-built, complete, long-lasting audiovisual plan with a well-formed strategy, innovative solutions, and concise roadmap. We guarantee to provide continuity to gear your current and future AV projects to success.

Build A Sturdy AV Infrastructure

Audio Watch’s philosophy is producing excellent presentations through effective coordination. We team up with engineers, architects, CTOs, and IT teams with our client’s interest as our priority. Our audiovisual consulting services in Portland, OR, value stakeholders, enhancing business ROI through outstanding AV infrastructure and system performance.

A reliable audiovisual infrastructure planning strategy will support a long-term design. It will help translate AV features into a written infrastructure plan that will guide the user for possible changes later on. For example, our planners and consultants need to consider structural floors, walls, and ceilings to accommodate cabling, structural electricals, conduit pathways, IT networking, and cooling systems.

We Practice Quality Control

As we work with the who’s who in technology, business, and corporate owners and managers, media specialists, and our valued homeowners, our top priority is delivering an excellent audiovisual system output. An equivalent of the specific quality control measures is Audio Watch’s commissioning services. Besides ensuring that all our AV installations are done according to our plan, we also do comprehensive testing, equipment and software tuning, system report, documentation, and performance validation. We execute these processes before turning over our completed AV project to our Portland client.

While ensuring the quality of equipment and installation maybe the contractor or supplier’s responsibility, our team practices due diligence in performing an objective evaluation as an added service. It exceeds our standard scope of work, but ensuring that the audiovisual output we make is at its best will always be our mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you only cater to large-scale project requests?

A. No. We cater to all types of audiovisual consulting Portland project requests. Over our years of service in Portland, OR, Audio Watch has handled a variety of projects. From simple home theater installation to complete AVL concert set-up, name it, we have done it.

Q. To whom do you typically collaborate for audiovisual consultancy Portland projects?

A. We usually collaborated with facility directors, business owners, engineers, architects, events organizers, and families. We encourage our clients to discuss with us what they want freely. We can create audiovisual designs and plans to build environments desired for acoustic and visual performance. We help our Portland clients shell reasonable amounts that are worthy enough to spend as an investment.

Q. Do you accept projects for those that have existing equipment or ongoing projects?

A. Yes, we accept project requests for retrofitting and remodeling existing structures, equipment, and projects. The Audio Watch team can accommodate requests to assess, design, and enhance or correct existing structures and ongoing projects. We coordinate with industry managers to formulate design solutions to solve AV problems, such as ineffective sound transmission, uncontrollable echo levels, unacceptable noise, and excessive sound vibration. We will identify the cause and analyze the data to find practical and cost-effective solutions.

Q. What does your consulting service include?

A. We have an AV consultant Portland who works closely with technical directors, architects, business managers, and homeowners to custom plan AV systems from specific environments. Our all-around AV systems design services are infrastructure AV planning and design and technological AV master planning. We can also cater to requests involving systems commissioning. Our professional consultants provide objective assessments and recommendations when needed.

Q. Do you endorse specific brands or contractors?

A. Audio Watch is an independent audiovisual consulting firm in Portland, OR. We work independently and do not have agreements or sole arrangements with specific brands, building contractors, or manufacturers. Our team does not advertise any material, products, and technology.

The recommendations we provide are independent. Our unbiased solutions from reliable analysis and considerations are top-notch and trustworthy. The products and brands we supply are included in the service packages we offer. We do not welcome competitive bids from equipment companies for our clients. Otherwise, our consultants and master planners can review specifications and recommendations if the equipment will be included in our design and on client’s request.

Q. Does your audiovisual consulting services Portland include IT collaborations?

A. We walk the IT path and closely join relative groups to boost our sound and visual standards. Our IT team also conducts thorough acoustic, optical, light, and electrical studies that add value to the planning. We also include software installation and security services and foresee audiovisual needs for long-term technological planning, bringing more accessible and more cost-efficient solutions. Because of it, our AV consultant strongly recommends boosting your AV infrastructure to support future modifications and expansion.

Q. Does Audio Watch provide audio systems modeling services? Who benefits from this added AV consulting service Portland?

A. Yes, the Audio Watch audiovisual consulting Portland and engineering team utilizes advanced audio modeling software to generate accurate performance predictions of our systems in varying environments. Factors we consider include sound clarity, reproduction, and speech comprehensibility.

We perform audiovisual loudspeakers systems performance modeling before we finalize designs and implement them. Our advanced modeling tools and our team’s expertise can create concise predictions that can show architectural acoustics infrastructure and technology issues.

People who benefit most from our audio modeling service are facilities managers, CTOs, architects, and other stakeholders who use this information to make structural decisions. We use virtual room characteristics, technical audio specifications, and surface data to create environmental models. Once we have the model, our innovative software plus our IT and engineering team’s experience can validate if our AV plan will be effective in particular environments.

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