Basic Methods to Increase Sound Volume of any Speaker System

Jul 15, 2021


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Superior sound quality is a priority for audiophiles and regular listeners alike, especially in this modern age where most people use portable cellphones and laptops as entertainment devices. The sound quality of a speaker is a vital aspect of its function. Thus, it is best to take advantage of the available technology to enhance the sound of your devices. 

Audio enhancement is simply improving the quality of sound over a medium. Audio enhancers make a room feel more immersive by creating a three-dimensional sound field that can create an intense sense of sound reverberation. You mostly would find speakers in most homes or offices, but people would be surprised what you can do with them to produce better sounds. If you’re looking to enhance your home theatre setup, you can check out our guide on optimizing your sound system.

1. For Computers, Use Audio Enhancement Settings

There are a lot of sound enhancement settings on computers. But there are some adjustments you must make for better sound quality. Here is a list of things you have to pay attention to when using these settings. Ensure that the volume on your speakers is turned up and that you have a device properly plugged into your computer for recording or streaming audio.

Note: You must have at least one speaker set up for the sound settings to work.

Don’t use these settings when you’re running an online multiplayer game or video because they may distort any sound or voice effect.

In Windows 10, Microsoft has released a new feature to enhance the sound volume of speakers. You can find the enhancement settings in the sound section of your control panel. This section usually has five options: EQ, Bass Boost, Equalizer, Volume Limit, and Speaker Mode. If you feel like the sound is not loud enough or not clear enough, try adjusting these settings.

To change the audio setting: 

  • First, right-click on the Volume or Audio icon located at the taskbar
  • Click “Playback Devices”
  • Select “Speakers”
  • Click on properties 
  • In the enhancement tab, click on loudness equalization
  • Finally, click on “OK” and “Exit.” 

This setting should increase the sound volume of your system. If not, you can try other options listed below for better audio. 

2. Use Sound Booster Applications 

Increasing the volume of a speaker can be a difficult task. However, few plug-ins provide sound boosters for increasing the volume of speakers. Sound boosters allow users to increase the volume of their speakers without any hassle. You can use them with speakers like TV, satellite radio, gaming console, etc. They are also designed to maximize the volume of digital speakers. 

The use of sound boosters has grown significantly in recent years because they help consumers get more out of their products. You can also use sound boosters for sound enhancement purposes for movies and videos. Some companies also use them to enhance the audio quality for movies when streaming online or when playing movie discs using media players.

Some people rely on their headphones or car stereo amplifiers to boost the volume of their speakers, but these aren’t always designed to do so efficiently. Sound booster application improves audiovisual quality and allows you to access features that weren’t previously possible without expensive equipment. Examples of sound boosters you can easily download include DFX audio enhancer, Bongiovi DPS, and SoundPimp. 


3. Use External Speakers 

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If you are looking to increase sound, external speakers provide an easy way for this. Amplify the volume of your laptop or other device using external speakers. Some portable external speakers can provide you with sound when you encounter a situation that needs better audio. There are also more prominent external speakers that you can plug into your speaker system and boost the volume for your room.

More prominent external speakers come with a built-in amplifier for sound boost. To have better sound through the external speakers, you will need software or hardware installed on your computer. While some computers have a built-in audio card that can amplify volume, others may need additional software.


Types of External Speakers 


1. Soundbars 

Soundbars are small speaker systems that work well with TVs, giving them high-quality audio. They usually come in the form of a soundbar or wireless speakers that attach to your TV. Soundbars are designed to improve the sound quality of TV shows, movies, and games. They have high-end features at different prices depending on the quality. 

They are the most popular speaker systems now because they are affordable and they deliver good sound quality. Different soundbar models offer various features for customers to choose from. Some are wireless, and some have Bluetooth compatibility, etc.

Soundbars have been around for a while now but recently became popular as brands introduced their lower-priced options. These soundbars are smaller than traditional soundbars and, as a result, manage to produce a higher volume without adding too much extra bulk to your entertainment center. One thing you need to keep in mind about soundbars is that they require an external power source. 

Most offer the option of being plugged into an outlet or mounted on the wall with an included bracket. Many soundbars models are available in the market today. Some companies like Sony offer soundbars compatible with any TV size and shape, while others come with their stand for ease of use. Soundbars are affordable for people who want to improve audio quality at home or in offices, but they can also be pricey depending on what model you get.


2. Stereos 

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Nowadays, many stereo speakers come in all shapes and sizes. They offer an immersive listening experience without needing to use headphones or other devices. Stereo separation is the feature that enables the listener to differentiate between left and right channels audible through speakers. It can be achieved by making one speaker play the left channel sound, and the other speaker plays the right channel sound at different volumes to be heard distinctly by human ears.

Bluetooth speakers are used for devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, etc., but you can also use them to connect them wirelessly to any other device like TV sets or even stereo sets.

The speaker is divided into two separate parts, the tweeter and woofer. The woofer is responsible for the low-end sounds, while the tweeter does not reproduce low or high frequencies. The difference between these two speakers is that they are placed on opposite sides of the speaker box.


3. Wireless or Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are now prevalent in the market. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. And they also feature speakerphone functions. The three most popular types of Bluetooth speakers are portable, rechargeable, and portable with a battery. Some Bluetooth speakers also feature sound distortion or bass enhancement technology. These features help make the speaker more customizable for specific needs like personal use or music production purposes.

The wireless connectivity of these two types allows them to be used with smartphones and computers – putting them on par with other portable devices like phones and tablets that you can take anywhere. Bluetooth speakers provide a practical and convenient way to enjoy music wherever you are. Bluetooth speaker types include portable speakers that can either be used with or without electricity. They may need to be recharged by USB, but they’re still portable and often lightweight.

Speakers can be stand-alone devices that also support phones and computers for audio playback, or they may connect to a dock that supports multiple devices for use as an audio system. They can be connected to a computer via USB, ethernet/wifi, or Bluetooth. Bluetooth speakers are small devices that connect to a smartphone or a computer wirelessly and allow the user to play audio from any nearby Bluetooth-enabled device. There are different types of Bluetooth speakers available on the market, each with unique features to suit specific needs. 

4. Subwoofers

Subwoofers are loudspeakers that use a driver and a passive radiator to send low frequencies to the listener. This loudspeaker is typically used in rooms where the ceiling is too low for conventional speakers. Today, this speaker is used in various applications such as car audio systems and public address systems. You can use them in home audio systems to connect to your receiver or amplifier through a subwoofer cable. 

Subwoofers are typically used when you need deep lows but don’t want to put up with the increased cost of using studio monitors with ported enclosures for this purpose. Subwoofer cables can also help you get better control over your speaker’s placement and bass response. 

A subwoofer is powered with an amplifier and designed to produce bass tones. Subwoofers provide deep, tight bass that can make a movie theater experience more enjoyable. They also produce warm tones that sound great with music and video games.



Sound speakers have been around from as early as the late 1800s, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that they became a mainstream entertainment product. Today, different types of speakers are found in homes, offices, and entertainment centers. Sound speakers are designed to enhance the sound quality of music or voice. 

They can also be used for large events like public presentations and concerts. There are different types of speakers and audio devices available in the market, to improve your home’s sound system, you should buy the best audio devices from tested and trusted retailers. 


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