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Home Theater Installation Services

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Audio Watch is a high-quality audiovisual consulting service Portland company. We bring clear sound and high-definition visuals that can only be seen before in cinemas to your home. Call the entire family, pop the corns, get cozy on your sofa, and enjoy the theatrical quality you deserve.

We provide home theater system designs with the comprehensive interconnection of sound, display, and lighting technology to provide you the best one-of-a-kind viewing experience. Our home theater designs can extend your entertainment quality with advanced, high-definition 4K displays and interactive lighting systems. 

Our audiovisual consultant and engineers use the best brands in home theater technology. We only coordinate with authorized distributors, and we get local providers, if available. Our client’s satisfaction plus the smiles on their faces when they see the final output is what fuels our dedication to providing the best audiovisual service in the city.

Installations Made Easy

We are top-caliber home theater installation Portland experts. We can transform your empty room into a unique, breath-taking theater-like space that can give you the best cinematic experience without the need to leave your house. We provide:

  • Professional visual media design
  • High-grade sound, video, and lighting components
  • Comprehensive user training and post-installation customer support
  • Industrial-grade power supply and cabling
  • Extensive AV project management
Our AV consultant, engineers, and technical officers integrate various media sources, such as high-definition digital media players, LED screen or 4K display, CATV or satellite, AM/FM radio, and many more. We typically prefer to use wireless equipment that allows users to control their home theater through a remote, a smartphone, or voice command for smart appliances.
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What’s best is that our team showed utmost professionalism and reliability throughout our years of service to our Portland clients. We are punctual and trustworthy people whom you will not need to worry about letting us work inside your house. Watch us install the state-of-the-art home theater components and enjoy quality entertainment after.

Build your dream home theater with us

Audio Watch provides unparalleled audiovisual and lighting systems design and installation for your home theater. We use high-grade equipment, advanced software, and industrial-grade materials in creating your dream entertainment room for relaxation and family bonding.

Professional Home Theater Setup

Our home theater installation Portland team consists of an AV consultant Portland, engineer, IT consultants, and licensed installers.

We are Portland’s experts in audiovisual presentation, automation, security, IT, and lighting for home theater installation systems. Our mission is to provide you a sophisticated yet easy-to-control home entertainment system.

Audio Watch gives you home theater design expertise and practical, cost-effective solutions. Over our years of service in Portland, we build relationships with families and communities as we make their entertainment dreams come to life.

Acoustic and Sounds
A cinematic experience would not be possible without realistic and clear sounds. We provide a wide variety of home theater loudspeakers with surround sound. We can also install a multi-channel stereo with FM/AM radio that is strategically placed and balanced for the best acoustic experience for your family.
Automated Projection Screen Systems
Our retractable projection mechanism allows our clients to have a unique, close-to-reel theatrical experience in a relatively smaller space. We offer a great selection of up to 100 video projection screens that can automatically be lowered or raised in a touch of a button.
Smart Lighting, Dimming, and Shading
Flexible lighting systems designed by the Audio Watch team will sure complete the perfect ambiance for a one-of-a-kind home theater setup. We use smart sensors to either turn on and off or change colors using a smartphone or a remote.
Media Players and Internet Connection
Our professional installers can connect your media players, such as DVD players, so that you can watch your video collection. Otherwise, we will make the necessary system integration of your equipment to your WiFi or cable internet connection to allow online streaming of movies, series, and music from popular sites like YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Crackle, and Hulu.
Gaming Consoles and Controllers
Besides watching movies and animations on your high-definition screen, we can also include gaming console systems in our home theater installation Portland services. We will integrate your game controllers into your newly installed theater system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I really need professional home theater services? Does it make a difference compared with me doing DIY?

A. Our audiovisual consultant Portland recommends professional home theater installation for many reasons. Here are three of the many AV advantages you can enjoy if you choose the experts to work for you.

  • Reliable quality – From the design and equipment selection to the installation process, our team provides professional and excellent service and output. All team members, including AV consultant Portland, engineers, tech specialists, and installers, have proper training and certifications to serve you better.
  • Aesthetics – We make sure that our final product looks like how you imagined your dream home theater to be at an affordable price.
  • Time – The Audio Watch installation team is also known for our work ethics. We plan our tasks, and we arrive onsite on time. We do installations effectively and efficiently. We also have our AV project manager oversee the entire process.
  • Cost-Efficient – Going for a DIY home theater installation can let you incur more expenses than you think. Going for a professional audiovisual consulting service in Portland will help you identify the equipment you need and the looks you want for your home theater. Our AV designers and engineering team can help you choose the right products and brands fit for the outcome you envision. Moreover, expert installers can identify the correct amount of materials, including cables and wires, which minimizes the risk of wasting money.
  • Safety – A home theater entails lots of wiring and cabling, requiring proper knowledge and tools in electrical installation. Choosing a professional installer can ensure safety and reduce the risk of fire due to improper connections.

Q. Do we need a specific room size in putting together a home theater?

A. When we design home theaters, we typically prefer a bigger space or room. It is to allow our acoustic designers to optimize sound better. We work under the principle that sound needs a specific area of an air chamber to produce a productive output. Nevertheless, our expert AV designers can always work on a smart design to bring your dream home theater to life if you have limited space.

Q. Do I need to prepare my home before my home theater installation Portland day?

A. Yes, please. It would be a great help to clear the path going to the area or room where we are to install equipment. Remove fragile items near the work area and add additional floor protection, if possible. Also, we would greatly appreciate it if you can ensure that children and your pets are moved to a safer and more secure room to prevent any accidents. Moreover, we require an adult to be with us during our work time.

Q. Do you think installing a home theater system is worth the investment?

A. Yes, a home theater system is worth your money. Decades ago, a home entertainment system was equivalent to a radio or television. If your home has a TV, you could simply prop yourself in front of it, or if you have a radio, turn it on and listen to the DJ describing songs. But as technology evolved fast, our need to have a better viewing experience also changed. Our lead audiovisual consultant Portland together with our IT staff, engineers, and licensed installers, specializes in providing homes a custom-built home entertainment system that fits the vibe of the family.

Q. Does a custom-designed home theater system increase one’s home value?

A. Yes. According to real estate specialists, adding a home theater room can increase your house resale value. Currently, more homebuyers are looking for residential properties that can offer stay-at-home activities. Particularly in high-end communities, the lack of a home theater feature can lower the chances of getting attention than homes with one.

Q. Once done with our home theater design and installation, can you still assist us in experiencing any problems?

A. Our commitment to giving our clients the best installation in Portland, OR, is our edge over our competitors. A part of our service is to show a demo to our clients of how their home theater components work. We will teach and provide you a guide on how to use the controllers. Nevertheless, if you encounter a problem, you can call our 24/7 hotline, and our dedicated tech specialist will walk you through how to do simple troubleshooting. If this step does not fix your problem, we will schedule a visit to your Portland home to repair the necessary equipment.

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