How to connect your smartphone to a home theater projector

Oct 20, 2021


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Watching a movie, documentary or simply streaming a short film of your own are some of the small pleasures we could get from owning a smartphone. We can do anything with it: generating content, gaming, connecting with families and long-distance callers, you name it.

Due to technological advancement, more and more devices are receiving upgrades to serve various needs depending on the demand of their consumers. In this article, we will discuss this one feature that makes mobile streaming even better, especially for avid moviegoers. Projectors.

Way To Connect Your Smartphone To A Projector


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Back in the day, theaters and televisions only belonged to their respective places with cords connected all over the place, not to mention the weight of heavy equipment and electrical wires being installed all over the venue.

Luckily for us, we can stream and do our film watching can quickly be done on the go. We can do this by simply connecting our mobile phones to a digital projector screen in two possible ways:

Wireless Streaming Box Using Your Mobile Phone

– Chromecast
Chromecast is a handy device that you can use to stop for a relaxing film. Using your smartphone, you could use the device by plugging it into a USB port coming from your projector.

Chromecast’s flexibility allows it to be plugged into an HDMI port and run using an iPhone or Android phone. Using the device this way allows for more watching and scrolling time. Although it is compatible with many streaming devices, Chromecast lacks an outlet for streaming cable channels, sports broadcasts, and gaming streams.

– Anycast
Anycast is a device that focuses on the phone first. It is a network routing method that uses a single IP address to multiple servers within a network.

– Aircast
Aircast has the screen-mirroring and Airplay capabilities that Chromecast doesn’t, making it a better solution to streaming your gameplay live. However, this is not a watch and scroll option.

– Wireless HDMI Kit
The Wireless HDMI Kit is composed of two components: the transmitter and receiver. The receiver allows for your phone content to go live at the projector. However, it requires the connection of the transmitter that users must hook into their smartphone at all times.

– Apple TV
Apple TVs’ quality hardware and software are what make it a good streaming and watching experience. The Apple TV comes with a remote, or, in this case, you can use your iPhone instead. This method is suitable for gaming and scrolling through your phone content and screen mirroring.

– Manufacturer Streaming
Brands such as LG and Samsung manufacture projectors with built-in intelligent capabilities, so make sure to check your projector’s model number just in case.

Watching using the manufacturer streaking method can be done if you install the necessary app coming from the play store.

– Direct Wiring Mobile Phone
Connecting your smartphone directly to a projector is also an option, but only if you have no use for streaming content. Direct wiring requires the appropriate cables and other forms of physical linkage to establish a stronger connection between both devices.

Using a direct wiring projector should only be used to quickly view saved movie files because online streaming is never an option.

– Adapter
Using an adapter that matches your phone’s charging port to connect to the projector is an excellent solution to get your files onto the screen.

Advantages Of Owning Home Theater Or A Digital Projector


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Things You Need To Know About Digital Projectors

Now that we have your mobile projector problems in order, it is time for you to learn a bit or a little information regarding pwning digital projectors, especially for homeowners who plan on building themselves a personal home theater and the whole nine yards.

 – Color Technology
When it comes to choosing your very first digital projector, make sure to go for a Rec. 709. It is the color standard for TV, movie, AV industries, and HD equipment.

– Resolution
Depending on your purpose, choosing the clarity of your projector should also be one of your top priorities. For gaming, a high number of pixels is advisable, but for a home theater, a good resolution is at approximately 1920 x 1080 or a 4K resolution. It can provide the most precise and most detailed images out of all solutions.

– Screen
You don’t need to purchase a screen, although buying one is a good investment and increases the contrast and video quality.

– Light Output & Brightness
Projector output and brightness depend on how you plan to set up your theater, be it outdoors or indoors. Likewise, not just any projector will do. Make sure to choose the right projector that accommodates an exact distance at a maximum yet also provides a good viewing experience.

Taking note of the light and brightness is one way of maintaining a good amount of light output and brightness. For this, you can consult an expert to guide you on purchasing the right products that suit your needs.

– Room Size
Consider your room size and the number of people you would like to accommodate to your home theater.
Not only are you setting up your seats and your projection screen, but you would also have to find the accurate measurement and distance on where to place your projector on set.


Depending on how you plan to enjoy a relaxing home theater experience, going for any of the two options presented will be okay for you. Being aware of your options is a good thing. That way, you’ll know what you need to achieve that premium projector experience.

If you want to stream from Hulu or Netflix using your android phone, then Chromecast is the best solution for you. If you’re an Apple user and have been wanting to scroll through your phone content on your TV with ease, then using Apple TV should be right up your alley.

One good example of this is the RCA Projector which covered wiring and wireless projection output. You can connect your mobile phone using Bluetooth or even use an HDMI cord to view your movie collections easily. It also has a user-friendly remote for easy navigation. Connect your smartphone to the projector the same way as to how we would do it with a personal computer.

Lastly, if your android phone also acts as a storage device for all of your favorite movies and shows, then using an HDMI kit or a hardwire is your best bet. We have countless technological advancements awaiting us, and using them to our advantage is its real purpose.

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