Top 10 AV Consulting Services in Portland, OR For A Great Sound and Video Experience This 2021

Nov 19, 2021


In our today’s technology, audiovisual media is a powerful tool in increasing the retention of information. Companies now offer several effective audiovisual communication tools such as interactive displays, digital signage, videoconferencing, consulting services, and many more. Videos and audio increase emotional engagement, allow people to participate for learning purposes and presentations, and even makes people have fun through entertainment. 

These are the top 10 Audiovisual consulting services in Portland OR that you can look into.

#1 Audio Watch


Audio Watch is an audiovisual consulting firm that is an expert in providing smart and practical designs solutions, efficient audiovisual master planning, and sophisticated home theater installation. Their team received comprehensive training and experience in different industries such as lecture halls, outdoor events venues, performing theaters, auditoriums, and many more. Their consultants, engineers, sales experts, and installers have backgrounds and expertise to handle the emerging technology in sound and visuals.

  • AV Consultation Service
  • AV System Service
  • Home Theater Installation Service


Address: 2914 NE Royal Ct. Portland, OR 97232

Contact Details:

Phone Number: (971) 272 0910



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Ohm Systems is an audiovisual design firm that is fully licensed and an insured low voltage electrical contractor. Their high skilled technicians have state electrical licenses that help in creating the next generations of techs through the State Apprenticeship Program. Through this, they take pride in their well-informed and thorough experience in the industry.

  • Systems Design
  • Audio/Video Installation
  • Surveillance
  • Sound Masking
  • Video Conference
  • Light and Shading
  • Control and Automation


Address: 124 SE 11th Ave Suite B, Portland OR, 97214

Contact Details:

Phone Number: (503) 484 5700


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With their 25 years in the business, Lightwerks design custom audio and visual solutions that meet the needs of every school, company, or business. They specialize in interactive technology, custom control systems, and high-quality products that securely improve efficiency, enhance presentation, and give every client a solution to their audio and visual needs. Through their cloud services, even overseas clients can have low costs and ease of cloud-based conferencing.

  • Support Helpdesk
  • AV System Design and Engineering
  • AV System Integration and Installation
  • Training
  • Control System Programming
  • Digital Signage
  • Financing Options


Address: 4629 S.E 17th Street #4 Portland, OR 97202

Contact Details:

Phone Number: (971) 264 1566



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West Wind Audio is a consulting firm with 35 years of experience in sound system engineering, theatrical lighting, and staging. Because of their years in the industry, they provide one on one comprehensive consulting services, master planning, and training. Additionally, they offer av services, rentals, a free quote, and technical systems assistance for events such as private parties, schools, clubs, corporate events, healthcare facilities, and many more.

  • Live Sound Engineering
  • Acoustics System
  • Mixing
  • Lighting Installation
  • Staging
  • Recording
  • Consulting
  • Gear Rentals


Address: 7860SW 66th Ave Portland, OR 97223

Contact Details:

Phone Number: (503) 505 0618



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ABD Engineering and Design is an independent firm that measures and analyzes to engineer and design custom acoustical solutions for optimum performance. Their AV design and acoustical engineering group allow architects, facility directors, building owners, and other clients to achieve expert consulting services for architectural acoustics, audiovisual systems design, and environmental noise and vibration control.

  • Acoustical consulting
  • Audiovisual Consulting
  • Noise and Vibration
  • Sound Solutions
  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Audiovisual Design


Address: 321 SW 4th Ave, STE 700 Portland, OR 97204

Contact Details:

Phone Number: (503) 444 5656

Fax: (866) 272 9778


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Audio Professionals NW is a company that provides customers with av services that can give them total satisfaction. Because of their advanced technology and av systems commissioning allows their clients to receive the best av services they need. They are experts in Live video production, conference and event recording, and conference calls & live streaming.

  • Webcasting and Multisite Meetings
  • Conference AV Series
  • USB Duplication
  • Mobile Video Production
  • Event Recording
  • Rental Services
  • Audio Systems


Address: 636SE 11th Ave, Portland OR 97214

Contact Details:

Phone Number: (503) 891 7117



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Design Sound NW is a design firm composed of visual and acoustical consultants that provide services such as designing audiovisual systems, room acoustics, industrial noise cancellation, and more. As part of their seamless project experience and expertise, they are high voltage electrical contractors in the State of Oregon. Their growth in the industry allows them to provide audiovisual consultation, design, and installation in the best aspect possible for their clients.

  • Design Services and Engineering
  • Audiovisual Installation Services
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Consultation


Address: 6453 SE Johnson Creek Blvd. Portland, OR 97206

Contact Details:

Phone Number: (503) 236 2875

Fax: (503) 764 9078



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Automated Environments NW provides residential and commercial audio and video services. Their field of expertise includes dedicated theatrical lighting, design services, room acoustics, and many more. With their years of experience and extensive training, rest assured that Automated Environments technicians can take care of every home or place of business.

  • Audio Video Distribution and Control
  • Dedicated Theater
  • Home Automation and Control
  • Home Audio Systems
  • Server Systems and Data Distribution
  • Lighting Control
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Consultation 
  • Design and Engineering
  • Programming
  • Training and Service


Address: 8959 SW Barbur Blvd Ste 104, Portland, OR 97219

Contact Details:

Phone Number: (651) 367 9896


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The Meyerpro Company offers audio-visual broadcast solutions that are essential for their client’s audio-visual needs. They provide high-quality equipment and audio visual services that assist in making every project a success. Their master planning and design services make building owners and manufacturers achieve grand rapids in their business or project needs.

  • Audio-Visual Services
  • Broadcast Services
  • Equipment Rental 
  • Equipment Sales
  • Customer Support
  • Consulting Services


Address: 3123 NW Industrial St. Portland, OR 97210

Contact Details:

Phone Number: (503) 855 8585


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Astro Atmospheres is an event technology company with 25 years of experience in the industry. Over the years, their designers and technicians have a diverse background in serving every event needs of top companies like Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft. Their team takes pride in their projects and satisfied clients they serve.

  • Streaming/ Video Production
  • Lighting Design
  • Professional Audio


Address: 3440 SW Doschview CT Portland, OR 97239

Contact Details:

Phone Number: (503) 489 8020


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Final Thought

Audiovisual is essential in every facility like schools, healthcare facilities, arts venues, convention centers, and many more. A wide variety of innovative solutions can be handled by audiovisual consultants. They can transform ideas into feasible designs and make your project a success. Some of the reasons why hiring an audiovisual consultant is a great idea includes:

  • They have extensive experience
  • They receive Higher education
  • They offer Professional Services
  • They can give Comprehensive Consulting

If you want to make your audiovisual projects successful, do not hesitate to hire or consult a professional for your future needs.

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